Fast Ways to Learn Greek

Greek is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, languages in the world. Other languages might have existed long enough to be considered old. However, Greek has not changed much after all these centuries. It still possesses much of the vocabulary as well as the grammatical rules of ancient Greek civilization. If one has heard about the much-used phrase about the ‘glory that was Greece’, he can also correctly assume that the language itself is rich. In fact, because of its early civilization’s great influence on the modern world, many Greek terms are the origin of English words. Roughly, 12% of the English vocabulary is of Greek origin.

If that is the case, then it is never too hard too learn Greek. Anyone who speaks English, whether as a primary or as a second language, should have encountered many words with Greek origin. That would already mean cutting a certain amount of time spent on learning the language. However, learning the vocabulary is not enough unless one only wants to impress others with his capacity for memory. What is important is that one is able to grasp the use of the common phrases and sentences in Greek just as a true-blooded Greek or Cypriot himself says it. Through that way, a learner in Greek would learn the language not as a foreigner would but as a toddler Athens native.

While reading books on the language can help, actually listening to it being said is even better in hastening the language learning experience. One can just purchase an audio book on the Greek and spend time listening to it. Setting aside only the free time may be enough but if one is seriously considering learning it in record time, then allotting more than an hour a day for the audio book may spell the difference. Of course, he must also follow the audio book’s instructions. He must enunciate every word or phrase that he taught. For better results, he can try teaching others what he just learned so that it would really sink in.

To avoid the possibility of losing interest in the learning process, the learner himself must make it enjoyable. Greek is language of an ancient but very opulent culture. One cannot possibly miss out the history and culture side of the language while he is learning it. Therefore, when encountering every Greek term or phrase, it would be helpful if he looks at its cultural or historical significance and basis. That would be like feeding healthy materials to feed your appetite for the language. With the learning fun and fast, one will discover that not everything that is strange may sound Greek.