NCLEX Review: Techniques That Will Help Deal With The Habit of Procrastination

Find yourself stalking people on Facebook when you should be studying your NCLEX material instead? Rather do chores than pick up a book and go through it? Know that D-day is coming but just can’t seem to get yourself to focus? Let me put this in a straightforward way, you are having a serious “disease” lots of test takers get inflicted with: procrastination!

If you want to achieve success in the NCLEX exam, then you definitely need a serious bout of intervention.

Get Rid of This Destructive Habit Called Procrastination Right Now!

Just get yourself thinking… what good is it going to bring to postpone your NCLEX review? Whether it is your inability to calculate and gauge your study time or an irrational fear of failure, you are getting comfortable with procrastination which is like a virus that will only screw up your chance to get a good NCLEX exam score. Do you want to be left behind when the people who are working harder than you taste the sweet nectar of success? Don’t let procrastination be the cause of your failure!

When you really stick by the techniques and tips that are laid out here, you will definitely be able to deal with your procrastinating ways, paving your way to an excellent NCLEX score!

• Get a Tutor. An official tutor or an accomplished NCLEX exam guide will put your sidetracked preparation back on the right path during these last crucial moments before the exam. He/she will come in to tutor at a specific time, and so by that time you will need to be prepared with the work he/she has assigned you. This will push you to study as per schedule.

• Is affordability a concern? Feel like getting a tutor will burn a hole in your pocket? Pitch in with your friends who are taking the exam too and split the bill. This way, you get to prevent yourself from going broke and you still get the personal attention you need from a tutor.

• Optimize the use of the time you have by using it to review your NCLEX material. Learn to multi-task and put a little bit of studying into everything you do. For example, if you are going somewhere that has a long travel time, record one topic of your review. Afterward, play it on your portable media player and listen to the recording during the trip. This way you will still be studying and not just wasting time.

• Reschedule your study hours. If you think you need a serious NCLEX review session, set aside time for it. Take an extra hour to warm up for the review session. After all, it is your time, and you decide how you are going to use it. Just remember not to get distracted from the task at hand! Discipline is very important.

• Lastly, touch base with certified nurses. They will be able to provide you with some guidance and advice on the proper study techniques for the NCLEX.

Remember, you are the master of your habits and not the other way around. Nip procrastination in the bud and you will be on your way to become a nurse!